Harmony Solar Ireland Limited is a fully Irish-owned Renewable Energy company located in Wexford that is acquiring surface rights, project rights and lease rights for the development of Solar Farm installations using Photovoltaic Technology (PV) in Ireland. The company is active in the Republic of Ireland and its aim is to become a market leader in the solar energy market thereby maximising its investors and its own investment while also exploring new opportunities within the sector too.

About Solar Power

Ireland has made a large commitment to meeting renewable energy targets

Most recently in Paris in late 2015 with world leaders meeting on climate change and we aim to establish ourselves as a market leader in helping to meet these obligations with the development of Solar Farms in Ireland.

Our Experience

With experience already obtained within the Renewable Energy and Solar sector in mainland Europe, Ireland and the UK, we are well positioned to deliver quality marketable assets in an efficient and effective manner.

Our strength comes from a combination of experience and vision in a management team that has a broad, coordinated skill set. Participants have the opportunity to invest in the early stage development of a portfolio of Photovoltaic installations in Ireland.

Our Intentions

Our intention is to consent and develop circa 300MW of ground mounted Solar power in the Republic of Ireland. Initially we are securing ground rights from landowners. We then secure entry to the electricity grid and planning consents for the individual projects. With over 1,000 acres of land currently under option and 160MW of grid applications applied for, planning permissions lodged and in progress we are well on the road to achieving our target.

Why choose us?

Harmony Solar’s team have an array of experience in Solar energy and development.

We have a strong financial background and have a strong track record in delivering completed projects.
We believe in building long term relationships and our key to this is delivering exactly what we commit to delivering from the beginning.

With the experience that we have dealing with County Councils, Local authorities, Planners, Planning Consultants, Local Interest groups, various community engagements and interested parties we are well placed to deliver fully consented and completed Solar farms in a timely and efficient manner.

We are well placed to deliver long term sustainable income by managing the projects from the beginning to completion with finite detail ensuring that the Solar farm is generating income by selling electricity.

We have engaged with professionals in the market to deal with the various Planning and Grid applications. We ensure that these parties are well placed to achieve fully consented projects for all the interested parties.



Our Partners

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