Converting the Sun’s Energy – ISEA Explains The Benefits Of Solar Power

What is solar?

Solar power is radiant energy emitted by the sun. In order to reduce our consumption of conventional fuels and minimise our carbon footprint, we can harness this energy and rely on it as a power source. This is mainly achieved through Photovoltaics (solar PV) and ...

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ISEA – Solar for Ireland

Tuesday, June 14th: The deployment of solar power in Ireland will see the creation of more than 7,300 high-value jobs throughout the country and will help save Ireland from EU fines in excess of €300 million a year from 2020, the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) said today. The ISEA is ...

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Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

Zero emission milestone reached as country is powered by just wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity for 107 hours

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