Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still farm my land?

Yes you can farm the land with sheep or calves up to 6 months old and bees and other specialised farming practices.

Will there be noise from the solar panels?

No there is no noise from the solar panels.

How much do I get per acre?

You earn a competitive market rent per acre, depending on your proximity to the grid and the viability of connecting the solar farm.

What do I do next if I am interested?

You contact us directly or fill in our online enquiry form.

About Solar Farms

Solar Farms are a tried and tested form of Renewable Energy which can be deployed relatively easily on suitable lands. The Solar farms can be any shape or size. They have a proven track record in Europe and Internationally.

Solar farms provide a land owner with a secure, stable and predictable long term index linked income for 30 years.

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What is Solar (PV) Technology?

What is Solar (PV) Technology

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is a technology that converts solar energy to electricity via the use of semiconducting materials. The photovoltaic effect is an electrochemical process that takes place when solar light comes in to contact with a semiconductor which results in atoms being ionised and generating direct current electricity.

PV farms are extremely reliable for many different reasons but foremost is the fact that PV systems have no moving parts and consist of a panel that is made up of solar cells, a roof or ground-mounting frame and electric cables, and an inverter to convert Direct Current (DC) electricity to Alternating Current (AC) that can be used on-site or exported to the electricity grid. We expect in our larger projects to use isolator switches to protect the system and metering equipment.

Solar projects can vary in type and size and therefore work well in various different environments within the Irish context. For example, systems can be deployed by either attaching to a building which are known as rooftop installations or unattached and are known as ground mounted installations and range in size from a few kW to over 100MW. In comparison to other technologies, solar power, with the receipt of the various consents can be developed and constructed in a short space of time. It is estimated that 10MW per week is now capable of being installed by an experienced developer.

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