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How Can
Solar Renewable
Energy Benefit Me?

Harmony Solar’s team have an array of experience in Solar energy and development. We have a strong financial background and have a strong track record in delivering completed projects. We believe in building long term relationships and our key to this is delivering exactly what we commit to delivering from the beginning.

How can Solar Renewable Energy benefit you.

Benefits for Landowners and Farms

Solar Farms are a tried and tested form of Renewable Energy which can be deployed relatively easily on suitable lands. The Solar farms can be any shape or size. They have a proven track record in Europe and Internationally. Solar farms provide a landowner with a secure, stable and predictable long term index linked income for 30 years.

Sustainable long term income stream

Harmony Solar Ireland Limited enters into a 30 year lease with landowners. It further commits to paying a competitive market rent per acre, per year index linked.


One of the various benefits to farmers is that they can continue to farm their land by grazing small livestock such as sheep, calves up to 6 months old, bees etc.

Business Growth

The 30 year lease is considered a secure income earning asset and can be used by the landowner as security for any financing facility the landowner wishes to enter into.

The next generation

Harmony Solar understands the needs and requirements of landowners in transferring the lands to the next generation. Harmony Solar commits to being as helpful as possible while dealing with any transfer to another party. A solar farm can improve financial planning for the future and the secure income gives the farm owner security for the future too.


Harmony Solar provides the landowner the opportunity to earn a competitive market rent per acre, with relatively little input and provides a landowner with a secure income for retirement.

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How it works

Harmony Solar’s team have a 5 step plan to get you surveyed and signed up.

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Step 1:

Site Identification

Following a site visit, Harmony Solar will assess the suitability of your land for a solar farm installation, including an initial planning assessment and a grid network capacity evaluation.

Step 2:

Sign Option Agreement

The option agreement is signed between the landowner and Harmony Solar and the landowner receives a sign-up fee.

Step 3:

Submit For Planning

We will commence the planning process and lodge a planning application for the site. We will also carry out any necessary heritage, flora & fauna, environmental, glint & glare or visual impact reports required for the site in order to mitigate as many planning issues as possible before the application is lodged.

Step 4:

Planning Permission and Grid Offer Obtained

Once planning permission is obtained for a solar farm on the site, Harmony Solar will arrange for specialised solar hardware manufacturers and installation experts to install the solar farm and its various components in a timely, cost effective manner and arrange for connection to the grid.  Once we are ready for construction, Harmony Solar will take up the 30 year lease and the landowner is paid their first rent instalment upfront.

Step 5:

Operations and Maintenance

Once the solar farm is operational, the landowner will receive a welcome pack from Harmony Solar’s in-house asset management team who will oversee the long term operation and maintenance of the solar farm.

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